unisex hair, sunbed and beauty studio

79-83 High Street
Hounslow East, TW3 1RB
+4420 8572 5171

549 Roman Road
London, E3 5EL
+4420 8980 8009

133 Cranbrook Road
Ilford, IG1 4QB
+4420 3538 2477


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hair removal and skin rejuvenation

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Eyebrows 4 prices

Service NameAvailabilityPrice
Eyebrows Shape Roman Road £8.00
Eyebrows Shape from Hounslow Ilford £7.00
Eyebrows Tint Roman Road £8.00
Eyebrows Tint Hounslow Ilford £7.00

Eyelashes 11 prices

Service NameAvailabilityPrice
Eyelash Extensions from Hounslow Ilford £15.00
Eyelash Extensions(temporary) from Roman Road £20.00
Eyelash Extensions(temporary) infill from Roman Road Hounslow Ilford £5.00
Eyelash Extensions(temporary) Take Off Roman Road Hounslow Ilford £7.00
Eyelash perm Roman Road £50.00
Eyelash tint Hounslow Ilford £7.00
Eyelash tint Hounslow Ilford £7.00
LVL lashes Roman Road Ilford £50.00
Semipermanent Eyelash Extensions(one on one) Roman Road Hounslow Ilford £60.00
Semipermanent Eyelashes Refill from Roman Road Hounslow Ilford £25.00
Semipermanent Volume Eyelash Extensions Roman Road Hounslow Ilford £75.00